Robinson R44 Raven I

Type: Helicopter (Piston Engine)
Serial Number:
Reg Number:

Robinson R44 Raven I is a four seater (including Pilot) Piston Engine Helicopter manufactured by Robinson Helicopter Company. Robinson R44 Raven I has a maximum range of 350 miles / 560 kms with a maximum speed of 150 mph / 250 kmh. Widely used for Light utility and training purpose. Contact us for new and used Robinson R44 Raven I for sale and purchase.

Maximum Range
350 Miles
Max Speed
150 mph
$412 000
Incl Taxes & Checkup

Airframe & Engine

Helicopter (Piston Engine)
12 gallons per hour
Lycoming IO-540-AE1A5
Maximum Range
350 Miles
Max Speed
150 mph
Fuel Type
100LL Grade Aviation Gasoline
Fuel Capacity
279 lbs
Baggage Volume
2.5 cubic ft
Fixed Cost
$ 35,810
Variable Cost
$ 152,877
Cost Per Flying Hour
$ 419.31
Fuel Type
100LL Grade Aviation Gasoline
Fuel Capacity
279 lbs


10.8 ft
38.3 ft
Rotor Diameter / Wing Span
33 ft


Maximum Take Off Weight
2400 lbs
Basic Empty Weight
1450 lbs
Robinson R44 Raven I dimensions
Flight Deck
Gyro / Analog
Flight Rules
Visual Flight Rules (VFR)
VHF Radio Communication
gyro analog
  • Rotor blade tie-downs
  • Custom fabric travel bag
  • Windshield cover
  • Ground handling wheels
  • Tow cart adapter
  • LED anti-collision and navigation lights
  • Panel
  • map and courtesy lights
  • Dual HID landing lights
  • Full throttle caution light
  • Rotor brake engaged light
  • Annunciator light panel
  • Hard point on belly
  • Door locks
  • Under-seat storage compartments
  • Muffler and soundproofing
  • Carpeting and acoustic interior
  • Adjustable pedals on pilot’s side
  • Three-point shoulder harnesses
  • Tinted windshield and door windows
  • Door opener
  • gas spring
  • all four doors
  • Fabric velour seats
  • Mono and stereo headset jacks (U174 and 6-pin LEMO)
  • Avionics master switch
  • Intercom switches at each seat
  • Intercom system with VOX and music input
  • Six-hole instrumental panel
  • Carb Heat Assist
  • Engine oil quick-drain
  • RHC engine oil filter installation
  • Electronic Engine Monitoring Unit for maintenance and engine health tracking
  • Engine overspeed protection during starting
  • Throttle correlator
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • RPM governor
  • Rotor brake
  • Removable dual controls
  • Cabin heater and defogger
  • Crashworthy fuel system with bladder tanks
  • Hydraulically boosted controls
  • BOSE Headsets
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