Private jet buyers often look for luxury, comfort, and excellent performance in their aircraft. Two of the most popular options in the light jet category are the Beechcraft Hawker 400 and the Beechcraft Premier. Both aircraft are made by Beechcraft, a renowned aircraft manufacturer, and have unique features that set them apart from other business jets of their class. In this post, we will dive into the differences between the Beechcraft Hawker 400 and the Beechcraft Premier, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to buying a private jet!

    1. Performance

The Hawker 400 has a top speed of 819 km/h and a maximum range of 3,460 km, while the Premier has a top speed of 829 km/h and a maximum range of about 3,445 km. However, the Premier has a faster climb rate, making it better suited for flying into mountainous regions or shorter runways. Overall, both aircraft have similar performance capabilities and can both fly comfortably at high altitudes.

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    1. Seating

The Premier can seat up to six passengers in a spacious cabin, while the Hawker 400 has a maximum seating capacity of seven passengers. The Premier also has a wider cabin that provides more head and shoulder room for passengers. If you intend to travel with a larger group, the Hawker 400 may be a better choice, whereas if you value a more spacious cabin, the Premier would be the right pick.

    1. Technology

Both the Hawker 400 and the Premier are fitted with state-of-the-art avionics systems, but the Premier has some extra features, like a touchscreen control system that gives pilots easy access to information. The Premier also has a more advanced digital notification system that alerts pilots of any issues in real-time – something the Hawker 400 does not have.

    1. Price

The Hawker 400 is more affordable than the Premier, with a starting price of around $2.6 million compared to the $6.5 million starting price of the Premier. However, the price difference is justified by the extra amenities that come with the Premier, including the touchscreen control system, more advanced safety features, and an overall more luxurious cabin.

    1. Maintenance and Support

Both aircraft have similar maintenance costs, but the Premier has a superior support network. Beechcraft has a large international support network for the Premier that offers maintenance, parts, and technical support. The support network for the Hawker 400 is not as extensive; therefore, it may be harder to get support in some regions.

When it comes down to deciding between the Beechcraft Hawker 400 and the Beechcraft Premier, it is essential to consider the purpose of your private jet, including your travel needs, budget, and personal preferences. Both aircraft offer luxury and excellent performance, but the Premier edges ahead more in terms of advanced technology, luxurious interiors, and maintenance support. On the other hand, the Hawker 400 is the best choice if you prioritize affordability and an extra seat for more passengers. Ultimately, it all comes down to what you want – make a decision that matches your requirements!