Private jet buyers looking for the perfect travel solution need to consider several parameters before selecting the ideal flight experience. The Cessna Citation CJ3 and The Cessna CitationCJ4 both occupy prime spots in the midsize private jet market. They offer exceptional value for their respective price tags, with the CJ4 boasting newer technology and a more extensive range. This blog post dives deep into the differences between these two aircraft, helping you make an informed decision and select the perfect private jet to fit your travel needs.

Comfort and Capacity

The Cessna Citation CJ3 and CJ4 share a similar cabin layout, both offering spacious cabins with top-notch amenities. However, the CJ4 boasts a slightly larger cabin, providing passengers with more space to move around and relax. In terms of seating capacity, the CJ3 accommodates up to seven passengers, while the CJ4 can seat up to nine comfortably, making it ideal for larger groups or families. The CJ4 also comes equipped with a belted lavatory, an added bonus for those longer flights.

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Performance and Range

The CJ3 and CJ4 are both known for their impressive performance, but the CJ4 edges out in terms of speed, range, and altitude. The CJ4 is capable of reaching a higher altitude (45,000ft) and has a more extended range (2,165 nm) than the CJ3 (41,000ft and 1,875 nm, respectively). Both aircraft also feature state-of-the-art avionics, but the CJ4’s Pro Line 21 advanced flight deck technology is newer and more advanced than the CJ3.


Pricing is a significant consideration for private jet buyers, and the CJ3 and CJ4 differ considerably in this regard. Currently, CJ3 aircraft in the used market are priced between $3.5 million to $5 million, while CJ4 comes equipped with newer technology and is priced higher. New CJ4 aircraft come with a list price of $9 million, although one can find a used CJ4 starting at $6 million.

Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost of a private jet is another critical consideration. While both aircraft have similar operational costs, the CJ4 has a longer manufacturer warranty period, ensuring lower maintenance costs for the first few years of ownership. However, as an aircraft ages, maintenance costs rise, so buyers should be aware of these future expenses.

Overall Value

Both the Cessna Citation CJ3 and CJ4 are exceptional aircraft, providing comfort, speed, and range to private jet buyers. The CJ3 remains popular among buyers looking for a midsize jet with impressive performance and value for its price, while the CJ4 is a step up in terms of technology and range in the midsize jet market. Buyers seeking a newer aircraft with a larger cabin may opt for the CJ4, while those looking for a more economical purchase may opt for the CJ3.

In conclusion, the Cessna Citation CJ3 and CJ4 both offer excellent performance, comfort, and value for their respective price points. The CJ4 offers newer technology, an extended range, and more seating capacity than the CJ3. However, the CJ3 is the more economical option, making it ideal for those looking to purchase a midsize business jet without breaking the bank. Ultimately, buyers should evaluate their travel needs and decide which of these two aircraft would be the perfect fit for them.