For anyone who is looking to buy a private jet, the market can be overwhelming. With so many planes on the market, it can be challenging to know which aircraft will best suit your needs. Two popular options in the mid-size jet class are the Cessna Citation II/Bravo and the Cessna Citation CJ4. Both offer luxurious comfort, reliability, and performance, but which one should you choose? In this article, we will assess and compare the Citation II/Bravo and Citation CJ4, so you can make an informed buying decision.

    1. Performance Comparison

When it comes to performance, both aircraft are impressive, but there are differences worth noting. The Citation II/Bravo is capable of cruising at 434 knots with a maximum range of 1,720 nautical miles. The Citation CJ4, on the other hand, has a top speed of 519 knots and can fly up to 2,165 nautical miles without refueling. Both aircraft can takeoff and land on short runways, making them suitable for shorter trips.

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    1. Interior Comparison

The interior design of both jets tries to impress prospective buyers with their luxurious and spacious design, while they differ from each other. The Citation II/Bravo’s cabin is relatively smaller and seats seven or eight passengers depending on the configuration. With the Bravo version, you’d be pleased to know that you have the option to incorporate a wardrobe or extra luggage. On the contrary, Citation CJ4’s cabin is more spacious and can accommodate up to ten passengers. It also features larger windows with greater views, and the baggage area can comfortably accommodate up to twelve bags.

    1. Avionics and Technology

The Citation II/Bravo features the Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics suite, user-friendly displays and systems that enhance situational awareness. The aircraft also features an integrated autopilot system for extra levels of safety. In contrast, the Citation CJ4 is fitted with the Garmin G3000 touch-controlled avionics suite, which can allow advanced flight control improvements. The system is equipped with two multifunction touchscreens that feature split-screen delivery. It also allows for fully digital radios, weather radar, and aircraft performance speed.

    1. Operational Costs and Upgrades

When it comes to operating costs, both aircraft models are relatively close, and multiple upgrades are available if desired. Here the Citation CJ4 fares better thanks to unique features like winglets and automatic throttles – which reduces operational costs and improve time efficiency since the plane requires less fuel. The CJ4 also possesses an excellent reputation for fuel efficiency, which is low at around 156 gallons per hour. Nonetheless, if you’re concerned that you’d pay the highest price, take into account that the Citation II/Bravo offers an excellent resale value and would also find interested buyers in the market.

    1. Price Comparison

Price comparison between the two jets is where the competition becomes more apparent. The Cessna Citation II/Bravo ranges from $500,000 to $2.5 million in the pre-owned market, making it a cost-effective alternative for potential first-time private jet owners. But if you’re looking for an upgraded aircraft, then the prices can range from $2 million to $4.5 million. On the other hand, the Citation CJ4 price range is between $5 million to $10 million in the pre-owned market. The planes are generally newer in this market segment, which will come with more advanced features and enhanced technology.

In conclusion, both the Cessna Citation II/Bravo and Citation CJ4 have unique selling points that would make them great options for anyone in the market for a mid-sized, luxury private jet. However, when comparing the two, the Citation CJ4 fares slightly better in various ways, including performance, avionics, technology, and operational costs. The Citation II/Bravo is still an impressive jet with a range of features and desirable characteristics. In the end, your buying decision will ultimately boil down to your needs, preferences, and budget. So, choose wisely!