Buying a private jet is a significant investment, and the decision-making process can be complex. The market offers a vast range of private jets, making the selection process challenging for buyers. Among many models, two popular models are the Cessna Citation II Encore and the Pilatus PC-24. Both aircraft have been designed to cater to the needs of high net worth individuals looking for comfortable and efficient travel. Let’s explore the differences between the two and find out which one makes a better investment for potential private jet buyers.


In terms of performance, the Pilatus PC-24 outshines the Cessna Citation II Encore. The PC-24 can fly at a higher altitude and faster than the Encore, making it an ideal choice for frequent long-haul travel. Additionally, the PC-24 can land on short runways, making it ideal for those who require regional travel.


When it comes to cabin size and design, the Cessna Citation II Encore has a spacious cabin, offering plenty of legroom and comfort for passengers. However, the Pilatus PC-24 takes it up a notch with its innovative design that offers a larger cabin space and configurable interiors. The PC-24 has a revolutionary oval-shaped cabin that provides more headroom and ample natural light, making the journey comfortable and enjoyable.

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Both aircraft boast advanced technology features, but the PC-24 has an upper hand regarding integration, efficiency, and reliability. The aircraft has advanced avionics, which provide pilots with situational awareness, and it comes with the latest communication equipment to ensure smooth communication with the air traffic control and ground operations.


Pilatus is known for its excellent after-sales support and personalization offerings. The company has a vast service network that ensures the aircraft is always up to date with maintenance and inspections. In contrast, Cessna has a lesser service network, but the Encore has been in the market for much longer, and hence the maintenance and repair costs are relatively less expensive.


Finally, the cost plays an integral part in the decision-making process; the Pilatus PC-24 is priced at a higher range than the Cessna Citation II Encore. The PC-24’s innovative design and advanced performance make it a worthwhile investment, but it comes at a higher price. On the other hand, the Encore is priced moderately and is a reliable investment for buyers on a budget.

When selecting between the Cessna Citation II Encore and Pilatus PC-24, it ultimately depends on the buyer’s needs, priorities, and budget. Both aircraft have their unique features that cater to different requirements, and buyers need to assess their travel requirements before selecting one. However, for buyers who prioritize comfort, innovation, and advanced technology, the Pilatus PC-24 makes a better investment. Conversely, for those looking for a cheaper yet reliable option, the Cessna Citation II Encore is ideal.